We have built a 2 seater, 80% size replica of an XB coupe and we have also nearly completed a HQ coupe.

All bodies are fibreglass, they are fully removable in only a few minutes and fit to a standard space frame chassis also built by us.

The cars are purpose built race cars, the prototype XB is currently in testing stage.

Once we are happy with its performance, design and passing safety testing we will produce them for public sale.

Next year the XB & HQ will be part of a National calendar including tracks such as Ipswich, Morgan Park, Eastern Creek, Wakefield, Winton, Tailem Bend and Phillip Island.

All our cars are the same spec, 4ltr Alloy Rover V8 with a 6 speed sequential transaxle.

The suspension is fully adjustable, and all components are interchangeable to any corner of the car.

Our dream is to create a fun and affordable race category.

If you want to race an iconic muscle car at a fraction of the cost this is for you.

Mini Muscle Cars Pty Ltd 

Email: info@minimusclecars.com.au